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The importance of good attendance

At Stoneygate Nursery School, we recognise how important good attendance is and the positive impact that attending school regularly has on your child’s learning and development. We encourage a good level of attendance for all of our pupils by fostering an inclusive, nurturing environment in which our pupils feel safe, comfortable and eager to learn. 

We strive to ensure that parents understand just how important it is for their child/ren to attend nursery and will do all we can to work in partnership with our families, and other agencies where necessary, to support and foster good attendance.

How is attendance monitored?

At Stoneygate Nursery school, attendance is monitored at individual pupil and whole school level. We strive to achieve an attendance level of at least 85% and will make sure we keep parents up to date with details of their child’s attendance, through termly attendance letters. In the event that your child is absent from nursery school, please ensure that you inform the school office on the 1st day of absence, as outlined in our absence policy.


Parents are encouraged to both bring and collect their children, to and from nursery, on time every day. At Stoneygate, we strive to work with our parents to ensure that punctuality both to and from sessions is effective and where improvements can be made, work in partnership to achieve these.

Arriving to nursery sessions on time not only ensures the safety of all the children, but also avoids disruption to teaching and learning. A child who is 10 minutes late every day throughout the academic year, misses the equivalent of two weeks of nursery school. Equally, arriving late to collect your child can be distressing and upsetting for your child.

Morning sessions:  

8.30am start: doors are open at 8:30am-8.40am

9.00am start: doors are open at 8.50-9.00am

Please ensure all children are collected by 11.30am – doors will be open from 11.20am – 11.30am.

Afternoon sessions:

12.30pm start: doors are open 12.30-12.40.

Please ensure that all children are collected by 3.30pm latest -  doors will be open from 3.20-3.30pm.

We appreciate that there may be unavoidable occasions where appointments may need to take place during the nursery day. In cases where your child may arrive late, or need to be collected earlier, please ensure that you inform the school office/member of staff prior to the appointment.